Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Will Be in Awe of This Ladurée Inspired Dessert Table

Ladurée is one of my favourite places to visit in Paris.  The stores are truly one of the most beautiful places to visit....and the sweets are to die for!  This dessert table was designed by a Canadian company called Principal Planner which is located in Québec.  They used faux-Ladurée desserts to tie in the charm and elegance often associated with the famed pâtisserie.  I loved that they used a green colour palette.  Ladurée's shopping bags are the same colour as seen in the backdrop of this table.  I have a couple of bags  (that I've kept from previous trips to Paris) stored away somewhere that I will have to pull out and share with you!

This type of party would be perfect for a birthday party or even a bridal/baby shower.   I love the gold framing around the macarons that are perfectly paired with the gold embellishments on the cake.  And the dragées would be perfect for any type of celebration.  In case you are not aware, dragées (in green; above) are almonds coated in a coloured sugar or chocolate shell that are often given as favours at French weddings.  They are delicious.  I actually gave them as favours at my bridal shower and had them on the dessert table at my own wedding reception.

I love the use of teacups and the kettle...a great reminder that Ladurée is also a tearoom!  The religieuses (the pink cream puff pastries) are perfect resemblences of those made at Ladurée.  

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I do hope you love this dessert table as much as I do!

xo Ceilidh

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  1. Oh my goodness these look so delicious! I would definitely want these at a party! Perfect sweet treats!

    Ta-taa for now,


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