Monday, August 29, 2011

Movie Theatres in France: Popcorn, Tickets and More

Visiting a movie theatre in France is a little different than here in North America.

Buying Tickets
The going rate for to see a movie in theatres is about 10€ (similar to what we would pay here).  However, if you frequent the theatre on a regular basis there is also the option to buy an annual pass allowing you to see as many movies as you for about 18€ per month.  A pretty good deal considering it is less than the cost of buying two full-price tickets per month.

Waiting in Line
After purchasing the tickets, you are not able to go directly into the theatre.  You must wait outside (not outside the theatre, but outside the entire building) before you are admitted in.  Lesson to be learned: don't buy your tickets too early if you don't want to wait outside for a long period of time.

Salé ou Sucré?
What is a movie without popcorn? Well, at least that's what I thought! It turns out the French just aren't that fascinated with eating popcorn in the theatre.  They'd rather enjoy the film without all of the munching and slurping going on...which explains the utter lack of cupholders on the seats. Unlike the large concession stands we have in North America, the concession stands in France are minuscule at best.  Popcorn and pop (along with an assortment of ice creams and popsicles) can be purchased for a reasonable price but not many people do so.  At least there are no line-ups that you have to wait in!  There is also that infamous question: salé ou sucré? Followed by my puzzled face and subsequent Huh? It turns out there are two types of popcorn...sugared and salted! Who knew there were different kinds?! Salted popcorn is about the equivalent of what we have here except perhaps a bit more salty.  Sugared popcorn is not caramel corn, rather, popcorn that has been buttered then tossed in sugar.  Note that the popcorn is not freshly popped in front of you either.

Dedicated to my brother, who is convinced that the dentists "pulled a bag of popcorn out of [his] teeth" on his last visit to their office.

xo Ceilidh


  1. HAHA omg you would write that last part!

  2. That's funny. Perhaps I should have made a dentist appt.when he was home last week.


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