Monday, August 15, 2011

Tips for Visiting Versailles

Visiting the Château - Plan to visit early in the morning particularly if you wish to visit the château itself.  Lines to the château can become enormous if you wait until later in the day for your visit...the earlier the better.  The lines to the gardens on the otherhand aren't overly large so you can visit the gardens pretty much any time of day.  Click here to see opening times for the gardens, palace, trianon palaces and Marie Antoinette's estate.

Make sure you go to the right entrance! - If you haven't purchased tickets at the time of your arrival, go to Tickets and informations individual visitors to purchase tickets.  Hint: Once inside, skip the line and head for the electronic check-out.  You can spend up to another 30 minutes once inside the building...skip the stress by using the method.  If you have already purchased tickets (or have a Museum Pass) head straight to Entrance A (Palace main entrance) to gain access to the château or take a left past the main entrance for direct access to the gardens.

Bring a lunch - though you can purchase snacks and/or meals at the cafeteria or at various kiosks throughout the gardens, prices can be hefty! Bring your own food and set up a picnic on the grass along the grand canal, soak up some sun and enjoy the scenery.
Wear appropriate footwear - expect to walk a fair distance while visiting Versailles.  Wear appropriate footwear to ensure you will be comfortable throughout the day.  If your feet do become sore, there are golf carts and bicycles for rent.  You can also purchase a ticket and hop on a mini-train for a ride around the estates.

See more tips for visiting Versailles on their official website.

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