Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Week of Sweets: Ladurée

The pinnacle of all sweets in Paris, the bread and butter if you will, is Ladurée.  Today we'll wrap up our Week of Sweets and celebrate today's opening of the first Ladurée store in the United States in Manhattan!

When I think of Ladurée, obviously the first thought that comes into my mind is their macarons, but my mind also fills with sweet memories of pastel colors, beautiful shops and drop-dead gorgeous accessories!

My favorite flavor of macaron has to be rose.  It is very feminine and sweet.  I also love the taste of the vanilla macarons.

What do you love about Ladurée?

xo Ceilidh


  1. I love everything about Laduree!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you seen the bathroom too? It's amazing! ;)

  2. i wanna go!!!
    have a beautiful day
    kisses from prague!

  3. so so so exciting!!! we have to go!!
    melissa and kellie
    icing designs

  4. Laduree is the most wonderful and sweet place in the world.

    Have a splendid day!!

    Priscilla Joy
    House of Tulips


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