Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Wedding Anniversary on the Pont des Arts

Remember when I said that my husband and I were going to spend our first anniversary on the Pont des Arts? Well we did! We packed up a baguette from Eric Kayser, some saucisson sec and cheese and had a quiet supper on the bridge before secretly attaching our lock to the bridge so the guards wouldn't see.

Before leaving for France, I bought the most secure lock I could find (a shrouded Master lock that is resistant to lock cutters) and hand-engraved it with our names and wedding date. We then secured it to the fencing just in front of a wooden beam to make it more difficult to cut off.  We are quite the schemers!

We then took our key and tossed it into the Seine and left the lock behind to symbolize our everlasting love.

'Til all the seas gang dry...or in this case, 'til all the Seine gang dry...

I love you Rob <3

xo Ceilidh

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