Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion Friday: Badaude's Paris in the Fall

I love these illustrations from Badaude.  Here are 5 essentials for every Parisian in the fall!

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 xo Ceilidh

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moulin Rouge - Lady Marmalade

Who could forget the infamous line "voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?"?

More to come on Saturday! But until then...

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Monday, September 26, 2011

La Frégate

One of my favorite places to eat in Paris is La Frégate.  It is located at the corner of rue du Bac and quai Voltaire.  The perfect place to stop if you have just finished a long day of sightseeing and wish to relax with a bite to eat.  It's super close to the Louvre and the Tuileries.

La Frégate is the perfect place to sit outside and people watch while enjoying your dinner.  The waiters speak  English, which is a major plus, and are polite and timely.  Washrooms are clean.

Rumsteak with Pepper Sauce

French Fries
The rumsteak with pepper sauce has to be my favorite item on the menu.  It comes with a side of fries.  It is literally so good that I think I could eat it every night!

It's funny how there are some cultural differences between North America and France.  The waiter asked me how I would like my steak done...the conversation went a little something like this:

Waiter: How would you like your steak? Well done, medium?
Me: Well done.
Waiter: Are you sure you don't want it medium?
Me: Yes.
Waiter: *weary eyes*

It seems the French find it a little weird when we want our meat cooked!

xo Ceilidh

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paris Poodle Dessert Table

I made this dessert table for a Stella & Dot jewelry party that my mother hosted last week.  I had been dying to use these Meri Meri poodle cupcake cupcake toppers, so I basically just designed the table around that.

In case you missed my previous posts, you can view my Eiffel Tower decorative toppers here, my Eiffel Tower cookies here and my mini-rosette cupcakes here.

The "OOh LaLa" sign is courtesy of Icing Designs, my all-time favorite blogger gals.  The painting was purchased for me as a gift from my parents...similar to the ones you can purchase along the Seine in Paris.  See the Eiffel Tower in the distance?  Speaking of Eiffel Towers, don't you love this one?! It is the favorite from my collection (oh, I have many!).  I purchased it at HomeSense a while back.  It's about four feet tall and bea-u-ti-ful!

xo Ceilidh

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ooh La La Poodle Cupcakes

Keeping with my Paris theme, I also made some pink poodle cupcakes! I fell in love with these Meri Meri cupcake toppers and was excited to make some pretty cupcakes for them.

Photo courtesy of

I used a Wilton #21 tip to ice the cupcakes.  This small-rosette pattern is currently my favorite way to ice both cupcakes and cakes.  Basically, all you have to do is move the tip is a small circular motion, starting at the outside and moving inwards [tutorial to come].

See everything come together on tomorrow's post!

xo Ceilidh

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pink and Black Eiffel Tower Cookies

Remember the last set of Eiffel Tower cookies I made?  Well here is the newest set I've come up with.  I actually ended up using a different cookie cutter this time [Ann Clark] and I liked it a lot better.  Unlike the CopperGifts cookie cutter I used last time, the top of the Eiffel Tower on the Ann Clark cookie cutter didn't keep falling off.  And the Ann Clark cookie cutter was a lot better on both counts.

I used the same sugar cookie recipe that I used for my last set of Eiffel Tower cookies along with the same royal icing recipe.

After the cookie were baked, I outlined each of the cookies with black royal icing.  After the outline dried, I filled them in with pink icing.

When the pink icing dried, at added black embellishments and silver candy accents.

I liked the way they turned out!

xo Ceilidh

Monday, September 19, 2011

Eiffel Tower Decoration in Royal Icing

Want to see a fun way to make cupcake toppers or decorations out of royal icing?

1.  On parchment paper, draw out the design you wish to have with a black permanent marker.

2.  Copy the design multiple times.

3.  Flip the piece of parchment paper upside down (so that the image is face down).

4.  Trace outline with royal icing and let dry (overnight is usually best).  Carefully slide the decoration off of the parchment paper and use to top your sweets!

Great for use as cupcake toppers.  Or you can adhere to rice krispies with a bit of buttercream icing.

xo Ceilidh

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Goodbye Summer

Summer has finally come to an end.  The chill and crisp air has returned.  It seems like the change from summer to fall is always so abrupt here.  One day it is warm and sunny, then the next...COLD!

I thought this picture from my summer trip to Paris was appropriate to bid farewell to summer.  A a toy boat sailing off into the distance at the Jardin du Luxembourg...

I have lots of exciting stuff to share with you next week! But as my days are getting progressively busier (going to school full-time and working will do that to you) I'll be reducing my posts down to every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

A shout out to my mother whose cottage was recently shot for East Coast Living Magazine (see the teasers here).

xo Ceilidh

Friday, September 16, 2011

J'adore Dior - The Story Behind the Legend

After all the excitement over the new J'adore by Dior advertisement, I thought I'd pull out this goodie :)

xo Ceilidh

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Robert Doisneau

Robert Dosineau is a famous French photographer who many consider to be the pioneer of photojournalism.  His work often took place in the city of Paris with its accompanying streets and cafés creating the backdrop of his work.  His images have a playful air, with many focusing on children and their natural propenstiy for freedom.

Photograph courtesy of:
Photograph courtesy of:
One of his most famous works is Le baiser de l'hôtel de ville, a photograph which was published in Life magazine in 1950.

Photograph courtesy of:
I love how his pictures evoke a certain romance.  They are immensely beautiful.

xo Ceilidh

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dior Make-Up

I love Dior make-up.  Ever since I first discovered it, I can't wear anything else!

Dior Forever Foundation
I really like this foundation because it gives you complete coverage, has SPF 25 in it and is long-lasting so you don't have to worry about touch-ups throughout the day.

Dior Hydra Life Skin Tint
This moisturizer is great for days when you want to have a lighter feel to your skin.  I usually opt for this tinted moisturizer over the foundation on days when I'm going to the beach etc.  It has SPF 20 in it, which is great for blocking out the sun and the tint gives you that little extra glow to make you look sun-kissed on the beach!

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss
I love this lip gloss for the simple fact that it has an actual brush to apply it to the lips.  It provides a nice shine and comes in a variety of colors.  I like #256 - Negligee Pink.

This blush is great because it has both a matte finish and a pearl finish.  The matte finish highlights your natural skin tone whereas the pearly finish highlights the planes of your face.  Perfect for that little extra glow!

5-Color Iridescent Eyeshadow
The color palette is great for lining, shadowing and highlighting your beautiful eyes giving you an iridescent glimmer.  I have #609- Earth Reflection.

The Dior site has a lot of great information on how to choose make-up that is best for you as well as how to master a flawless application.  Check it out!

xo Ceilidh

Monday, September 12, 2011

Eiffel Tower "Save the Date" Bookmark

For my Parisian fairytale wedding, I ended up making a lot of my own stationary.  It's hard to find invitations etc. that really mesh with your idea for a theme, especially when it is something as specific as the Eiffel Tower.  However, I recently found a really great idea for a Parisian-themed "Save the Date". 

Photo courtesy of
It is a free Parisian-travel bookmark save-the-date that can be edited and printed at home.  All you need is some cardstock or thick glossy paper and some scissors and voilà, you have some easy DIY stationary.

You can find the download here.

xo Ceilidh

Sunday, September 11, 2011

High Heel Cookies

I made these high heel cookies for a friend's birthday on Friday night.  There was lots of yummy food and cupcakes to enjoy as well, but I think my cookies were quite the hit!

Polka dot, Mary Jane and the standard red pump.  What do you think?

In case you were curious, I got the cookie cutter here.

xo Ceilidh

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Midnight Rose - Lancôme

The new scent from Lancôme - Midnight Rose - is now on sale.  It is a mixture of pink pepper, rose absolute, raspberry, cassis bud, jasmine, peony, Virginia cedar, vanilla, and musks.

Below is the advertisement for the scent featuring Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame.  The commerical was filmed in Paris with Watson suggesting some of her favorite places, including the famed Café de Flore and Shakespeare & Co. bookstore, as filming locations.

xo Ceilidh

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion Friday: French Trench

Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day! But if we must bare you, we shall do so in style.  And we shall follow the oh so eloquent rules of Badaude on how one must wear the French Trench.

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Ahhh...this picture has been nagging at me for months now.  How I wish I could afford a Burberry trench to wear while the rain splashes downward! However, since I am quite happy with my Liz Caliborne raincoat and my new Marc Jacobs wellies for the time being...I will just have to wait for that Burberry trench to find me someday.

xo Ceilidh

Thursday, September 8, 2011


While walking to Place des Vosages one day, I stumbled across the cutest shop ever.  It's name was Lollipops.  They sell the most adorable purses and shoes I have ever seen.

You must check out their shop.  I found them at:

2 Rue Rosiers
75004, Paris, France

xo Ceilidh

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

French-Inspired Wedding & Dessert Table

I am loving this French-inspired wedding and dessert table that is featured in this year's fall issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.

The invitations were based off of 18th century French decorative elements and the cocktail napkins were printed with an excerpt of a love letter that Napoleon once wrote to Josephine (how sweet!).  Instead of the traditional wedding cake, the couple opted for a French croquembouche along with macarons, madeleines and miniature eclairs were also served.  Sounds delicious to me!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Café Marly

Café Marly is in a great location -- right next to the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe de Carrousel and Tuileries. The perfect location to people-watch on the balcony and enjoy a decent meal.

From my experience, service was good. However, I find they tend to cram everyone together at one end of the balcony so there is not much space between tables and customers. I also was a little less than impressed with the fact that the chair covers were dirty and moldy and had hair all over them. Prices were relatively expensive, but that can be expected for Paris in general...especially if you are eating at  a location so central as the Café Marly. 

Would I go for the food? No.  For the experience? Yes.

xo Ceilidh

Monday, September 5, 2011

Paris Scams

Paris is such a lovely city, but like all large cities there are downsides to Paris as well (I know, shocking right?!).  One of these downsides are the scams.  There are 3 main scams you should know about while traveling in Paris.

The Ring Scam
A woman walks towards you and will "pick up" a gold ring that she finds on the side of the road.  She will ask you if you have dropped it on the ground/if it is yours.  When you say "no", she will insist on giving you the ring and walk away.  Seconds later, she will reappear and ask for some money as she is "hungry".  You may consider giving her some money...afterall, she just gave you a gold ring!  However, keep in mind...if this ring were real gold, wouldn't it be worth her while to bring it to a pawn shop instead of accepting a couple of euros from you?  The best thing to do is just wave these people off.  The ring is a fake and is just a cheap way to scam a few euros from tourists.

The Deaf and Mute Scam (Sourds et Mutes)
The people who perform this scam are usually young girls of Indian/Pakistani descent and can be found near the Louvre or the Pont Neuf.  They will wave at you and ask you to sign a piece of paper they have in their hand.  If you sign it, they will point to the top where it says that those who sign are required to provide a minimum donation of 10€ (or something similar).  If you do fall into this scam and have signed your name, you are not required to do anything...just walk away.  However, I have also heard that this is how they distract tourists while they pick their pockets.  Be careful!

Anyways, I've heard them talking to one another.  They are not deaf, nor mute.  Try to avoid them if you can...I've seen them get somewhat violent when people refuse to sign.

The String Scam
Men around the Eiffel Tower and Sacré Coeur will ask for your finger.  If you give them your finger, they will tie and piece of string around it and will not take the string off until you give them money.

Now you know!

xo Ceilidh

Sunday, September 4, 2011

J'adore - Dior

Here it is! The new ad for J'adore by Dior featuring Charlize Theron and a special cameo by Marilyn Monroe ;)

I love how the neckpiece of her dress mimics the neck of the J'adore perfume bottle.  Nice touch!

Such a beautiful commerical...such a beautiful setting.  Does it get any more stunning than the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles?!

xo Ceilidh

Saturday, September 3, 2011

J'adore Dior [Teaser 2]

Come back tomorrow to see the full-length feature, but until's teaser number two for the new J'adore movie!

xo Ceilidh

J'adore Dior [Teaser 1]

The first of two teasers for the new J'adore movie:

xo Ceilidh

Friday, September 2, 2011

J'adore Dior Video Stills

Here are some video stills from the upcoming new spectacular J'adore movie:

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xo Ceilidh

Fashion Friday: Les Nereides [Printemps]

I am so excited to have Arianna from Cool Girl Syle featured here today for a special edition of Fashion Friday!  Arianna has great style (check out her blog!) and has recently returned from Paris where she attended the prestigious Parsons Summer Intensive Program and learned about fashion design concept and fashion illustration.  Too cool, right?! Here's what she had to say:

Printemps… need I say more? What better way to spend a day than shopping in one of the most delightful malls in all of Paris! Lunch at Cojean, macaroons from Laduree, and of course a little trinket from the Les Nereides Counter.

Les Nereides is a marvelous Jewelry Company I discovered while shopping last time I was in Paris. They are known for their exceptional enamel designs and intricately detailed pieces. Their jewelry looks whimsical and sweet but still elegant.

My souvenir was a beautiful pair of earrings. Enclosed is a purple stone surrounded by enamel flowers. It's a perfect piece that will last a lifetime. Not to mention forever a memory of Paris!

Ta-taa for now,

Gorgeous earrings--so great to have you here today Arianna!  Thanks :)

xo Ceilidh

Thursday, September 1, 2011

J'adore Dior Ad Preview

Who can forget the infamous J'adore Dior commercial featuring Charlize Theron?

J’adore reveals the most sublime femininity in each woman. Behind the legend lies a passion: that of Mr. Dior for women. This visionary designer wished to give women's beauty pride of place and embellish women with his creations. The era of proud, serene femininity unfolds with J’adore and the sublime actress Charlize Theron. Dressed in an Haute Couture sheath gown, she incarnates the image of J’adore femininity in a world made of gold and pure light. Sunnier and statelier than ever, she dazzles in the fragrance film. We watch her stride through the rooms of the House of Dior, casting away jewelry and baubles to bare the truth of the fragrance. She is free. She is the ultimate woman, the object of J’adore adoration: superbly strong, fulfilled and always in motion.

Well the countdown is on for the new J'adore movie, also featuring Theron, which is set to be released this Monday, September 4th.

The spectacular new movie was filmed in the magnificant Hall of Mirriors in the Château de Versailles.  Can you imagine the glamour?!

The new J'adore ads have also been released and were featured in the September issue of Vogue.  The ads are seemingly more difficult to find on the internet than one would think, so I had to take a few pictures of the ads with my camera to share with you!

Photo courtesy of

Tomorrow I have a special Fashion Friday guest post to share with you which I am very excited about! But come back this weekend more previews of the new J'adore  movie. 

xo Ceilidh