Thursday, September 1, 2011

J'adore Dior Ad Preview

Who can forget the infamous J'adore Dior commercial featuring Charlize Theron?

J’adore reveals the most sublime femininity in each woman. Behind the legend lies a passion: that of Mr. Dior for women. This visionary designer wished to give women's beauty pride of place and embellish women with his creations. The era of proud, serene femininity unfolds with J’adore and the sublime actress Charlize Theron. Dressed in an Haute Couture sheath gown, she incarnates the image of J’adore femininity in a world made of gold and pure light. Sunnier and statelier than ever, she dazzles in the fragrance film. We watch her stride through the rooms of the House of Dior, casting away jewelry and baubles to bare the truth of the fragrance. She is free. She is the ultimate woman, the object of J’adore adoration: superbly strong, fulfilled and always in motion.

Well the countdown is on for the new J'adore movie, also featuring Theron, which is set to be released this Monday, September 4th.

The spectacular new movie was filmed in the magnificant Hall of Mirriors in the Château de Versailles.  Can you imagine the glamour?!

The new J'adore ads have also been released and were featured in the September issue of Vogue.  The ads are seemingly more difficult to find on the internet than one would think, so I had to take a few pictures of the ads with my camera to share with you!

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Tomorrow I have a special Fashion Friday guest post to share with you which I am very excited about! But come back this weekend more previews of the new J'adore  movie. 

xo Ceilidh

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