Monday, May 16, 2011

Le Petit Prince

“Dessine-moi un mouton” (Draw me a sheep) -- this is perhaps one of the best known phrases in French literature.  These words were spoken by Le Petit Prince, a young boy from outer space (Asteroid B-612 to be exact) who doesn’t understand the narrow-minded behaviour of grown-ups.

I first read Le Petit Prince in the français intensif program I took in high school.  It is a beautiful book that every child (and adult!) should read.

I bought this book in English for my little brother for being the “ring bearer” at my wedding.  I hope he’ll cherish it as much as I do!

xo Ceilidh

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  1. I cannot believe you have no comment for "The Little Prince"... WELL, yes, I probably can believe that. Does anybody read these days...?

    C'est trop triste toujour! (bad French, but the intent is there!)

    Antoine was one of the most overlooked writers of his day... this is a classic like 'Animal Farm', if only he were a writer and not just a pilot that wrote a book... He inspired Richard Bach, who was also a pilot... I wonder what they see, way up high, that we don't get to see and talk about...?


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