Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Reception Back Home -- The Flowers

Following our beautiful wedding in Paris and our honeymoon in Nice, we returned back to Canada where we hosted a larger wedding reception for family and friends. 

We wanted the reception to be pretty casual.  It was held on a Sunday afternoon at a boat club, and was relatively laid back.  We had passed hors d'oeuvres, sandwiches, champagne and a dessert table.

Our floral arrangements at the reception were done by Neville at My Mother's Bloomers -- he is such a sweetheart! The arrangements turned out exceptionally! I wanted something simple-looking and not too expensive.  Here's what I came up with:

Alot of the time, the most expensive part of a floral arrangement is the vase.  I wanted a small square glass vase, but all of the floral shops were charging about $10 per vase.  To keep down on the cost, I asked Neville if I could purchase the vases elsewhere (not all floral shops will allow you to do this!), which he kindly allowed me to do.  I actually bought the vases at the dollar store for $2 each which cut back on a lot of costs considering I had about 20 arrangements being made.  The arrangements themselves were about $20 each and featured mini calla lillies, hydrangeas and pink spray roses.  I also had larger arrangements for the dessert table and sandwhich tables that had an Eiffel Tower in their midst.  I bought the wrought iron Eiffel Towers at Winners (my favorite store -- they have everything Eiffel Tower!) for $20 a piece and paid an additional $40 for the arrangments.  I was quite pleased with the outcome!

Photography by: Jeff Cooke Photography

xo Ceilidh

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