Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Paris My Sweet - List of Bakeries

I bought Paris My Sweet - A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate) when it first came out earlier this year, and I have been dying to share it with you! The book is by Amy Thomas, New York writer of the sugar-ridden blog Sweet Freak.  Paris My Sweet follows Amy through her sweet adventures while she was living in Paris writing ad copy for *gasp* Louis Vuitton.  Could I be more jealous?! Living in Paris, eating Parisian pastries and working for Louis Vuitton?! The book flips back in forth/provides comparisons between Paris and New York and the best of the best of their sweet pastries.

Photo courtesy of parispastry.blogspot.com
It was great! I loved the descriptions of the pastries.  They had me salivating as my eyes glossed over the page. Best of all Amy shares some of her favourite bakeries across the City of Lights.  I've made it easy for you to locate all of the bakeries featured in her book via their website simply by clicking on the links below.

A l’Étoile d’Or
Au 35
Blé Sucre
H.A.N.D. (Have A Nice Day)
Il Gelate
Jacques Genin
La Coupole
Le Bistrot Paul Bert
Le Moulin de la Vierge
Le Select
Les Deux Abeilles
Les Petits Mitrons
Lili’s Brownies Café
Michel Chaudun
Rose Bakery

As I was scrolling through the pages of the book, reading about Amy's escapades working in Paris, I couldn't help but wonder...I wonder what type of discount she gets working at Louis Vuitton? I would *die* for a LV purse, so of course, I wanted to know!  Insight was provided, and I have to admit...I was a little shocked.  Louis Vuitton store discount for employees? Zero.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I was!

Wondering what Ms. Thomas talks about in the book?

Prelude: Le Tour du Chocolate
Chapter 1: A Whole New Batch of Bonbons
Chapter 2: Cupcakes -- The Comfort of Home
Chapter 3: Stick-to-Your-Teeth Hot Cocoa
Chapter 4: Bonding over French Viennoiseries
Chapter 5: The Big Apple Does Macarons
Chapter 6: Crumbling over Perfection
Chapter 7: Cakes to be Loved and Cherished
Chapter 8: A Good Chocolate Chip Cookie Is Hard to Find
Chapter 9: The Ecstasy of Madeleines and Muffins
Chapter 10: Carrot Cake Is the New Banana Cake
Chapter 11: Resurrection Comes from Baba au Rhum
Chapter 12: French Toast or Pain Perdu, That Is the Question
Chapter 13: One of Life's Best Surprises: The Baker's Dozen

You know, I didn't realize French Toast is actually called pain perdu (lost bread???) in French.  I also didn't realize that it's mainly served as a dessert in France...I'm so used to eating it for breakfast! Great for a sugar fix early in the morning ;)

Hope your day is sweet as sugar!

xo Ceilidh

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